Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 15014 officially adds ebook support


It is official: With Windows 10’s Insider Preview Build 15014 for PCs and telephones, Microsoft’s formally started its ebook store, including some nifty disk- and power management functions, too.

Strategically, the ebook wing of Microsoft’s Store app may be the most essential for the business. But you’ll probably get more out of the build’s skill to clean up your unused disk space, in addition to balance the operation and electricity consumed by particular apps. Unfortunately, not all of you’ll be able to see the new functionality rather yet.

Why this matters: Microsoft’s Creators Update, due later this spring, will comprise this new ebooks capability as well as the other new utilities. By adding ebook capabilities, Microsoft’s catching up more than anything else, but we’re still seeing a wide-ranging, diverse set of updates to Windows-10.

Bringing power management to the vanguard

For years, Microsoft tucked away the choice to reconfigure your PC’s “power plan” within the Control Panel, allowing you to choose between a “balanced” plan that prioritized your PCs’s operation and battery lifetime about equally, or fixed it to maximize battery life or performance. However, this control (Control Panel > Hardware & Sound > Power Options) melted down to the background as Windows 10’s Configurations became the front-page of your PC’s under-the-hood controls. Now, Microsoft’s introduced it front and centre inside Windows 10’s Task Bar.

Right now, the slider will be only on a small number of test PCs, plus it won’t even work—Microsoft’s merely examining the user interface. Shortly, though, you’ll be able to tweak your PC’s performance quickly without digging through menus. (Notice, however, that there’s no sign yet that this will control either the new program throttling or the new Game Mode features, each of which were detected inside current builds.)

Microsoft’s other useful utility is what it calls “automatically clean up area:” a brand new alternative in Settings > System > Storage Configurations that can automatically search for and delete temporary system documents and files which have been kept in the Recycle Bin for more than 30 days. The option is off by default, but it could turn out to be a handy method of clearing litter in your PC.

Introducing Microsoft’s new e-book Shop

As we’ve mentioned before, Microsoft’s playing catch-up with Amazon and other digital booksellers. Instead of adding a dedicated Books app, though, Microsoft is going to utilize Edge, treating a downloadable ebook like a Web page saved in Edge’s Reading Listing, as an example. PDF and E PUB formats will soon be supported

Once you purchase a publication in the Shop, it’ll be stored in the Books piece of Edge. There, you’ll have the capacity to benefit from Edge’s settings choices, including Cortana. Microsoft says you’ll be able to utilize Cortana to define words and get added circumstance, see embedded video (if your ebook contains it) and alter the typeface and font-size. Notably, you’ll have the ability to pick up where you left off and include bookmarks, too.

New configuration alternatives

Assemble 15014 also introduces several new configuration options: the ability for Computer users to decide their very own custom emphasis colours, in addition to some visual tweaks that will make the Cortana research bar stand out, fit the emphasis color, and screen notifications more conspicuously.

Windows’s Mail application will get an upgrade of forms; Windows will now pin it to the Taskbar by default. The Snipping Tool also got an update, Microsoft said.

A few crucial bugs

Generally, when Microsoft provides a slew of new features, things break. This really is still the case, start with all the progress indicator to download the newest build: It doesn’t function, also it might look such as the new build isn’t downloading at all. “Ignore the index and be patient,” Microsoft mentioned in a weblog post.

After upgrading, Microsoft also warned that execptions in the Spectrum.exe support could induce PCs to get rid of audio, disk I/O use to spike,and Edge to become unresponsive. If that happens, Microsoft suggests you check this post for additional information. Ultimately, a storport.sys bug might activate the new Green Screen of Death and may roll back to the earlier build—ill luck that Microsoft currently can’t resolve.

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